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Il business del colore

I tuoi clienti si identificano con i colori del tuo logo? Abbiamo analizzato alcuni dati e e applicato la psicologia dei colori per aiutarti a scegliere il colore migliore per il tuo brand.

Kit per le piccole attività

Lanciare una nuova attività è più complicato che avere buone idee. Se vuoi avere successo è necessario fare attenzione ad alcune cose. Abbiamo raccolto per te i migliori consigli degli esperti del settore per aiutarti.

Per amore del design

I designer raccontano delle storie. Risolvono i problemi. Contribuiscono a creare delle grandi imprese e sono fonte d'ispirazione. Abbiamo redatto questo ebook per celebrare il filo conduttore che lega alcuni dei design più grandiosi di 99designs.

Marketing Resources in English

3 tips for writing a mission statement that will set you apart

To write a stand-out mission statement, you should consider your business’s story, identify your company’s consumer appeal, articulate your company’s passion, and reach out to your ideal consumer niche.

Defining your target audience: Who are you serving?

To identify your customer base, consider your consumer’s lifestyle and values. By imagining what he wants, you’ll learn the story of his purchasing habits.

Be Pinteresting: How to grow your brand using Pinterest

This resource offers a number of ways to use Pinterest to your brand’s advantage. Tips offered include investing time and money on the site, building communities, and creating pinnable images.

7 Hallmarks of emails that get a response

This article discusses best practices for making sure people read your emails, including crafting a catchy subject line, using a personalized greeting, and writing direct content.

Venus vs. Mars: The marketing edition

Do men and women look at a logo design differently? What’s important to each gender when they are getting ready to start their respective businesses? See what our survey results revealed!

Free email design templates

People receive hundreds if not thousands of emails everyday - it’s important to make yours stand out. We can help by offering three free email templates: a newsletter template, a promotional template, and a email notification template.

Free PowerPoint templates

An attractive PowerPoint slideshow can make your presentation a hit in any industry! Our three free templates allow you to preview your entire presentation, and our professional designers can also create templates that fit your concept exactly.

4 ways to get your great new design onto a t-shirt

This resource outlines four ways of putting your company’s logo onto a t-shirt: standard or oversized screen printing, all-over printing in a repetitive design, or inkjet or iron-on transfer.