A man with one of those faces
Mountain marathon man
Tales for my dog
Design a book cover for a dark young-adult fiction novel.
Stories from Ukraine
Sand Dunes and Skyscrapers
The fifth door
Harmony at Home: Parenting your ADHD Child
From these dark abodes
The Integrity Sessions
Without Brakes
Legacy Love Letters: How to Leave a Legacy Gift of Love, Faith, Hope and Gratitude


"He is a great designer, super talented and easy to work with. "
Immagine del profiloDouglas E. Richards recensione lasciata 11 giorni fa
"Infinite patience! Love the final design"
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"An exciting design that maintains the consistent brand, but provides an eye-catching image. Great flexibility."
Immagine del profiloroyburgess4E recensione lasciata circa 2 mesi fa
"Seamless, fast and effective communication. Classy design "
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"Pulp is the best. I've used him on multiple books and have always been super satisfied. Creative, professional, and flexible. Highly recommend. "
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