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Chi siamo


A Graphic Designer with 20+ years of experience in the graphic design industry. Specializes in branding projects, where vast knowledge of Logo Design, Website Design, Flyer, Brochure, Social Media Marketing Ads.

Drafts own ideas using programs such as Corel Draw Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, MS Office.

For Private projects, you can invite me in 1-1Projects. Thanks!

Utente dal: 21 febbraio 2012


"Excellent experience! Highly collaborative, great results - responsive to feedback and development. I highly recommend chilibrand!"
Immagine del profiloSNAP Resume recensione lasciata 23 giorni fa
"Thank you sir, i appreciate it."
Immagine del profilochilibrand ha risposto 22 giorni fa
"Good price. Worked with me on edits. Quick response time."
Immagine del profilojackwbruce recensione lasciata 4 mesi fa
"Thank you sir. "
Immagine del profilochilibrand ha risposto 4 mesi fa
"Very quick and responsive. Good ideas!"
Immagine del profiloinf5Rdi recensione lasciata 5 mesi fa
"Thank you sir"
Immagine del profilochilibrand ha risposto 5 mesi fa
"Great work as always!"
Immagine del profilodytho3 recensione lasciata 7 mesi fa
"Thank you Sir!"
Immagine del profilochilibrand ha risposto 7 mesi fa
"very enjoyable professional experience"
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